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Selling Your Boat Vs Consignment

  Whether you are looking to trade up or you want to sell an existing Motor Boat, let's look at what it takes.   Marketing a pre-owned motorboat or motor yacht usually consists of taking images and posting an ad on Kijiji, Craig's List or the Bargain Finder if you want to do it for free. Our experience tells us that we receive approximately one inquiry (serious or not) per 200 hits on free posting websites. We sell one boat to every 10 serious inquiries that we get from our overall traffic regardless of how that inquiry came to us! That means it's a number game and a fairly long one via the free posting route.  Of course there are options such as Boat, Bike RV Trader or local newspaper classifieds which have a cost and that cost will carry an advertisement for your boat for a limited time after which additional cost is incurred to re-run the advertisement. Our tracking does not see a substantial difference between free or paid advertisements in terms of traffic it produces and the serious inquiries we do receive.  Next is receiving e-mails and calls from the serious and the not so serious  inquiries that your ad may produce. We find that it takes approximately 6 to 8 e-mails and/or telephone calls to provide additional information and images to each inquiry. Of course, successful fielding and qualifying of these inquiries may produce a potential buyer. Showing the boat, representing your product, overcoming objections, arranging for and possibly having to complete an inspection and finally negotiating a deal will take considerable time, skill and patience. There is also a risk when introducing strangers to your home or site when viewing your boat.   


Consignment May Be a Better Alternative

  Consignment offers a fairly painless way to market your boat. There are costs and when you look at those costs, they are of fair value in light of the effort as described thus far!  Consignment Cost, we ask for 10% commission to sell your boat. You set the price to include commission. Any offers below the price you set are at your discretion and may be accepted or refused by you the owner.    We do ask for a Preliminary Inspection and a monthly nominal charge for cleaning.  A Preliminary Inspection is performed on every boat that we take in on Consignment. There is a $7.00 per foot charge for the inspection by a licenced marine mechanic. We use the Preliminary Inspection as a sales tool to aid the sale of a boat. It inspires confidence in our sales staff and the buyer in the quality of the Pre-Owned Boat that you have for sale.  In order to sell any Pre-Owned Boat, it has to be clean. Boats get dusty, dirty and rusty sitting in your yard or ours. Any boat viewed by a potential customer will show expedientially more favourably if it is kept as clean as possible. We ask $25.00 per month for all boats on consignment to help offset our ongoing cleaning costs and these costs are usually paid out when the boat is sold.      


We Help Take the Risk Out of Buying and Selling a Pre-Owned Boat

  And that is it. We do the rest. We will market your boat at our high traffic location in the heart of boating country, we attend and market at all area boat shows, and we also market through the traditional venues qualifying and bring in the best buyers to your boat with an inspection already in hand.  We have full time staff to represent your product, overcome objections and negotiate the sale of your Boat. We also have a convenient Service shop available to tend to any issues that a potential buyer may have.  Consignment is a mutual beneficial process which allows us to have a good inventory of boats to offer and attract potential serious buyers. It allows our consignment clients a better chance for a quicker and successful sale of their existing boat.